Heddy Abramowitz

Stream, Loire Valley, France Morning Mist, Normandy, France Canal, Loire Valley, France Eternal Neighbors, Prague
Love Letter, Amboise, France Bowed Worker, Hurva Synagogue Reconstruction, Jerusalem Family Outing, Jerusalem Out of the Picture (paintings by Balthus, Centre Pompidou) Paris
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Street photography, wherever I find myself, is at the center of my interest in photography. Recording the citys individuality  and its quirks as they disappear under the sweep of questionable development projects is a pressing motivation.  My eye is pulled to the  geometry of simple shapes; the contrasts, both compositional and otherwise; and the faces of everyday life.

Photography is a separate practice from my paintings.  While photography has its own strengths and allures, it falls short of the information which I require to paint from observation. I do sense, however, that the discipline of composing within the cameras rectangular format has sharpened my instincts.  

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